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Solresor was founded in 1989 and originates from the STS Student Travel Schools. The owner Lars Magnusson made a living out of organising holidays to young kids, who wanted to travel the world and learn a new language. In 1988, he went on a private charter holiday to the Gran Canaria, where he lived in San Agustin. From his balcony he could see a new hotel being built, the hotel Gloria Palace San Agustin. One day he walked past the hotel and met the owner. They talked, and Lars Magnusson boldly suggested that if he received a contract on half of the rooms he would start a charter company in Sweden. He did receive the contract, so he flew home from his holiday and started Solresor in Sweden.

Solresor’s main product in the beginning was the big resort in San Augustin in Gran Canaria but it quickly developed and many Southern European destinations became part of the portfolio.

Today Solresor is one of the biggest charter companies in Sweden and sends out more than 100.000 guests on holiday annually. Not only does the company offer charter holidays to destinations all around the globe they also offer adventure excursions, group holidays, golf holidays, tours, safaris and much, much more.

The company is a part of TravelCo Nordic – which means, that Solresor is a part of a bigger family with brothers and sisters in the shape of travel agencies in Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Finland.

The world has become bigger, many things possible. But the important things have remained the same – satisfied customers and good service, always in Swedish!