Primera Travel finds alternative flight partners

Primera Travel finds alternative flight partners

Primera Travel finds alternative flight partners 1170 658 Johan Bergholt

Primera Travel has of today been informed of the issued bankruptcy of the company’s primary flight-partner, Primera Air. It is sad news, but not something that will make Primera Travel go out of business. The company is now working at full speed to ensure the vacation for all affected guests.

– At this point we have already ensured the vacation for most of the guests travelling the next couple of days. Same for the rest of the week and throughout October. All the trips for the winter-season also have our full focus, says CEO of Primera Travel, Peder Hornshøj.

Because of Primera Air’s bankruptcy, all employees of Primera Travel are now working their hardest to ensure new and alternative flight-options for their travelers. He further states that all guests affected by the bankruptcy of Primera Air will be contacted in chronological order sorted by departure dates. – We will do anything in our power to ensure that our customers will get the vacation they have ordered, and make sure that everyone at the destinations will get home as planned, he states.

– Our customers are our most important concern, and I can already confirm that the majority will get the vacation they have planned for just with another airline. Of course, there will be minor time differences at some flights, but we have considered this better than not taking them on vacation at all. Since it affects thousands of people, the CEO asks for patience and understanding.

– I can fully understand, that our customers want to contact us right away to get instant clarification but we will contact everyone, and it will be a huge workload. I promise that everyone will be contacted, and we hope for patience from our guests.

But it is no secret that this was a rough message. We have been pleased with our cooperation with Primera Air, and were sad to hear that they now are in this situation. They had great flights and an excellent standard of service, ends CEO, Peder Hornshøj.