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TravelCo Nordic gets new ownership

As a result of Primera Air’s bankruptcy last October, the travel group, TravelCo Nordic was without an airline and with a loss of more than EUR 20 mio. Because of that the company received new capital in the last quarter of 2018. Since then it has been decided to merge the group with Bravo Tours’ head office in Herning. This meant that the CEO, Peder Hornshøj and the management in Herning also got the responsibility of the group’s brands and companies in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Included the companies two Icelandic companies TravelCo Nordic is now among the largest tour operators in the North.

Bravo Tours and Sun tours in Denmark, Solresor in Sweden, Solia in Norway and Matkavekka in Finland were quick in achieving new agreements with a number of other well known airlines and are well equipped for the future and report on fine summer sales and great support from the companies’ many loyal customers.

In the recent years, the company has invested many millions in a new IT setup and with a new booking system and a new web platform the company is now very well positioned in order to develop further and grow both in the existing markets and establish itself internationally. Arion Bank has temporarily taken the control of the shares and has put TravelCo Group CEO, Peder Hornshøj, in charge of the new owner group, which is about to take shape and who will be in place within the next few months. “It is never nice to get beaten financially due to an airline bankruptcy, but we have a healthy business with much potential,” says CEO Peder Hornshøj, who established Bravo Tours more than 20 years ago and is now in charge of all entities. “It is an exciting task and fortunately many others also see the potential, and I am looking forward to continuing leading the group and to bring the travel companies well into a very exciting future on a good and healthy financial basis”, says the travel director.

The founder of TravelCo Nordic, Andri Mar Ingólfsson says is certainly a watershed moment, both for me personally and the company, now that new owners are taking the helm. I feel a great sense of gratitude to all the outstanding people I have worked with and who have helped build this company over the past few years. TravelCo is one of the leading tour operators in the Nordic area and I wish the company and its employees the very best for what will surely be a bright future.”

TravelCo Nordic companies will send almost 300,000 guests on holiday in 2019, of which approx. half out from Danish airports.