Primera Travel finds alternative flight partners 1170 658 Johan Bergholt

Primera Travel finds alternative flight partners

Primera Travel has of today been informed of the issued bankruptcy of the company’s primary flight-partner, Primera Air. It is sad news, but not something that will make Primera Travel go out of business. The company is now working at full speed to ensure the vacation for all affected guests. – At this point we…

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Significant expansion in Greece 1200 800 thomas

Significant expansion in Greece

Greece has been a key destination for all Nordic markets for decades and now Primera Travel intensifies the growth even more. Athens and thereby the Greek mainland is forecasted to be one of the greatest destinations in 2018 and is therefore added in the product portfolio by 2018 – welcoming visitors from Denmark, Norway, Sweden…

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Primera Travel invests heavily in Dynamic Packaging 1200 492 thomas

Primera Travel invests heavily in Dynamic Packaging

Dynamic Packaging is one of Primera Travel’s major focus areas in 2018. Dynamic Packaging will create new opportunities and should complement the overseas routes and the charter operations. The trend is clear – consumers travel frequently to an array of destinations. Armed with this information, Primera Travel will now focus on Dynamic Packaging, which will…

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New reservation system 1600 1067 thomas

New reservation system

Primera Travel has now finalized the implementation of its new reservation platform for tour operators in the group. This has been a major undertaking during the last 3 years, but now the company can be operated on one platform with the latest database technology. This will now support further growth of Primera for years to…

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