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Bravo Tours

Bravo Tours opened its’ doors for the first time in 1998. Peder Hornshøj that founded the company is still the managing director and is always deeply involved in all decisions on when it comes to making unique experiences to “his” clients.

“Customer satisfaction is more important than economy – my philosophy is simple – make great experiences and give good service to our clients and you will be fortunate to see them coming back when they want to travel next time” says the CEO and founder to all of his staff.

Bravo Tours skyrocketed in 2004, when the travel agency put in flights for the Azores in Portugal– it was a big leap but turned out to be a great success as there were no direct flights to the islands but the demand was high. Two years later the company turned another page – presenting roundtrips all over the globe. All in all it resulted in more than 100.000 clients in 2006 with less than 10 years on the market.

Throughout the years Bravo Tours expanded the product portfolio with Safaris, golf-holidays, roundtrips, group-holidays and active holidays. New holiday destinations were added on continuously – and the world grew and grew. Today more than 150.000 guests travel with Bravo Tours every year exploring more than 60 different destinations – which makes Bravo Tours the 3rd largest travel agency in Denmark.

Bravo Tours became part of a larger family in the Nordics and in 2017 Peder Hornshøj became CEO of TravelCo Nordic which consists of brands in Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway. The head quarter of TravelCo Nordic is therefore situated in Herning where Bravo Tours began its journey. Moreover, Bravo Tours has 3 sales offices in both Herning, Aalborg, and Copenhagen.