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TravelCo Nordic

7 tour operators based in the Nordics

– with strong values and great dedication

TravelCo Nordic was founded as a group in 2016 and is a Danish ltd based in Herning, Denmark. The company runs 7 tour operator brands mainly situated in the Nordic’s with a total of more than 300.000 yearly passengers.

The tour operator brands have been a part of the same owner structure for several years but are now finally gathered within the same group under the corporate name of TravelCo Nordic.

The tour operator brands of TravelCo Nordic:
Bravo Tours · Matkavekka · Solia · Solresor · Sun Tours · Heimsferdir · Terra Nova

The top management of TravelCo Nordic is now placed in Herning with Bravo Tours’ founder and CEO, Peder Hornshøj, in the lead.
“When we became one group we aligned a lot of things across all brands in order for us to stay competitive and to have more strength in developing our business.”

Our core values remain the same!

My personal business approach since I started Bravo Tours in 1998 has been to respect each and every guest that trust us to take care of their next holiday. Our service towards our guests is never to be compromised and even though I am now CEO of a company with more than 300.000 guests, I still believe this is our way to stay successful.

We can no longer say that we are a small company but we strive to act with the same core values as when we started the business. Being part of a larger group gives each tour operator many advantages but even though we work closely together, we still keep making decisions locally and there is therefore no vision of combining all brands in one brand name. We need to stay close to each market and respect that the demands from the clients can vary from country to country.

Stronger together than apart

TravelCo Nordic is selective when choosing partners in all the various countries we operate and we believe in long term relationships with our partners where we can develop and expand the business together.

Our group took a great leap in 2016 where we implemented a new IT-and booking system which opened up for the possibilities of working much more efficient internally and with our partners abroad and improving our way of displaying our wide range of products. The new platform gives a unique opportunity to develop potential, find new distribution channels and grow within existing and new markets. The 7 brands are now equipped with their own platform and technology that supports our vision of becoming the most valued and preferred tour operator in each of our local markets”

Peder Hornshøj
CEO, TravelCo Nordic

TravelCo Nordic Today

Today, TravelCo Nordic has an annual turnover of more than 300 million euros and sends more than 300.000 clients on holiday every year.

The top management consists of Bravo Tours’ founder, Peder Hornshøj, who today is Chief Executive Officer of all the brands, Gitte Søndergaard as Chief Commercial Officer of all the brands, while Maj Brit Mølsted is Chief Financial Officer. Chairman and owner of the company is Andri M. Ingolfsson.